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How to make moving sex toy men drill
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Varicocele, what it is and types - Daily Health
Varicocele, what it is and types - Daily Health
The varicocele consists in the dilation of the veins that drain the blood from the testicles, produced by a reflux or decrease of the blood from the renal vein to the testicle. This problem causes dilation of the testicular veins and, secondarily, a lesion of the function of the testicles (the varicocele has been related to male infertility, more specifically, with a decrease in the number of sperm cells, their mobility, morphology, and fertilization capacity).
To better understand how varicocele formation occurs, it is useful to know how testicular vascularization works. The arterial irrigation of each testicle is performed by three arteries: the testicular artery, the artery of the vas deferens and the crematoric artery. As for venous irrigation, there are several veins that leave the testicle and join together forming the pampiniform plexus. The right testicular vein almost always empties into the inferior vena cava (only 1% of the time it does in the right renal vein). The left testicular vein, on the other hand, always flows into the left renal vein. Since the pressure exerted by the blood is higher in the left renal vein than in the inferior vena cava, blood reflux is more likely to occur on the left side, thus causing dilation of the testicular veins in the left testis. Therefore, varicocele is much more frequent on that side (85-95% of cases), although it can also be bilateral.
Varicocele Classifications
It is important to differentiate the clinical varicocele (the one that can be diagnosed by physical examination) from the subclinical varicocele (it is diagnosed only through radiological tests). Based on this, the different types of varicocele can be classified as follows:
Grade 0 (subclinical): not palpable or visible at rest or during the Valsalva maneuver (which consists in increasing abdominal pressure, for example, telling the patient to cough), although demonstrable by special tests (Doppler ultrasound).
Grade 1: palpable during the Valsalva maneuver, but not otherwise.
Grade 2: palpable at rest, but not visible.
Grade 3: visible and palpable at rest.

Where to buy sex toy for men

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